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Ditch Day Party launches Chicago's Spring/Summer festivities, bidding farewell to winter confinement and virtual calls. Join us to shake off the winter blues, reconnect with friends and coworkers, and kickstart the season after months of hibernation.

Ditch Day Party in Chicago, IL
Ditch Day Party in Chicago, IL

Our Story

In 2015, Ditch Day Party burst onto the scene, ignited by the passion and drive of four dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds. Fuelled by the thrill of Friday nights in downtown Chicago, we congregated at our favorite bar to kickstart our weekends. But as the sun shone brighter and the days grew warmer, our yearning for early weekend vibes intensified, making our Friday workdays feel shorter by the minute.

So, we took matters into our own hands, transforming our desire for an early start into a legendary tradition: the Ditch Day Party. We made it official, declaring lunchtime the gateway to summertime Chi fun, rallying our friends to join us at our beloved watering hole. With 150 enthusiastic souls at our inaugural event, the stage was set for something extraordinary.

Year after year, our tribe multiplied exponentially, our numbers skyrocketing, sometimes even tripling in size. Today, we proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with over 1500 fellow ditchers, united in our commitment to seizing the moment and celebrating life. And as the years unfold, we eagerly anticipate welcoming even more comrades into our vibrant community. Join us as we continue to redefine the art of the Friday escape and write the next chapter in the epic saga of Ditch Day Party!


Take a break from the daily grind and invest in yourself. Prioritize your well-being and join us for an unforgettable celebration at Ditch Day Party. Recharge, reconnect, and elevate your overall well-being with like-minded individuals embracing life to the fullest!



Strong connections often form when people engage in daring ventures together. Rallying your team to ditch work collectively is a powerful testament to camaraderie. It transcends quotas, sparks conversations, and forges lasting bonds. Elevate your team dynamic and cultivate enduring connections through shared experiences that ignite excitement and unity.



Experience unrivaled networking at Ditch Day Party! Tailored for ambitious professionals, it's your ticket to expanding networks, reigniting connections, and seizing growth opportunities. Join us for ultimate professional development!



Escape the office grind and embrace Summertime-Chi's vibrant energy! Join us at Ditch Day Party to kick off summer in style, reconnect with colleagues, and soak up the sunshine. Let's make unforgettable memories as we celebrate the season!



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